Mutually Exclusive by Emily Martin

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16.5 x12.2; [5] wallets: 16 x 11cm

Number 18 in an Edition of 50, signed by the artist. Japanese box wrapper with navy blue cloth and two bone toggle clasps. Case contains five letterpress printed "magic wallets". " Each wallet opens on either the left or right side, revealing one of two opposing statements"- interior verso, Operating Instructions. Text is overprinted in three layers, with the pairs of the basic statements in large type, an underlying stream-of-consciousness narration in small type, and the 10 sets of words from the Pythagorean table of opposites printed in transparent ink. "This project was printed in Garamond, Helvetica and B Vag Rounded Bold using polymer plates, on Canson papers. An edition of 50 copies and two artist's proofs."--Colophon. "...This project was printed during the Sally R. Bishop artist's residency at the Center for Book Arts, New York, NY summer 2002."--Credit. "The pairs of opposites were borrowed from Pythagoras. The Japanese box wrappers were made by Rosa Guimaraes. All printing was accomplished with the assistance of interns Paula Naughton and Nancy Campbell."--In Addition.

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