Dystopia by Maddy Rosenberg

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Linocut, hand-cut and assembled 
9 x 4 x .5

Dystopia is a voyage to a town that exists as only an amalgam of other places. Open the cover and a three-dimensional city emerges, unfolds, metamorphoses. Wander through streets constructed from bits and pieces of sepia-imbued, historical Prague, Paris, London; turn a corner and you have traveled to New York. You can "read" Dystopia conventionally, page by page or pull it into the third-dimension and watch it stretch across the surface to inhabit its own space and yours. The town plays across the picture plane, appearing flat. But skewed perspectives are hidden, seen around street corners, through building cracks and archways, inverting any sense of real space. Haunted and deserted, yet details of a human touch remain, as only the hint of a shadow populates this carved city.