A Tribute to William Addison Dwiggins / W.A. Dwiggins by Vincent Torre

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[153] pages; 24 x 16.2 cm

Edition of 500; Privately printed for the Friends of Hermann Puterschein at the Inkwell Press. Case bound book with illustrated front cover; title on spine. Contains essays in tribute to designer and typographer William Addison Dwiggins (1880-1956). "Color for Bookbindings (A Letter to Alfred A. Knopf, circa 1940)", W.A. Dwiggins--"Dwiggins's [sic] Experimental Winchester Unicial", Dorothy Abbe--"WAD: 1880-1980 (A speech delivered at the Boston Public Library), Warren Chappell--"WAD: A Recollection [Of Bouquets, Borzois and Paraphs]", Charles E. Skaggs--"WAD: A Remembrance", Meyer Miller--"Dwiggins and the Plimpton Press", Harry F. Howard--"William Addison Dwiggins", John O.C. McCrillis--"Dwiggins and the Machines", Dwight Agner--"W.A. Dwiggins", Robert D. Scudellari--"WAD as Lettering Artist: Pattern and Motion", Paul Shaw--"The Ghost of WAD", Mary M. Ahern--"Dwiggins's Pen", Vincent Torre.