Once Upon a Time, There Was the End

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Organized by Rachel Gugelberger. On view Apr-Jun 2014. 

Borrowing its title from the stock opening and closing phrases of traditional oral narratives, in particular fairy tales, the exhibition Once Upon a Time, There Was the End pivots around two central themes: stories elicited by modalities of the book in the face of rapid technological transformation, and anxiety about the end of the book as echoed in apocalyptic, dystopian and speculative visions. The exhibition presents the work of eleven artists who employ conceptual strategies and material forms that consider the dematerialization of the book; the interplay between physical and digital; and irreducible form(s) in books, works on paper, photography, video, sculpture, performance and Web-based projects. Artists include: Madeline Djerejian, Ellen Harvey, Warren Lehrer, Loren Madsen, MomenTech, Mitch Patrick, Emilio Chapela Pérez, Lisa Schilling, Sara Shaoul, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, and Andrew Norman Wilson.