Bookbindings by Jean de Gonet

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On view May- June 1987
An exhibition of 45 works by innovative French bookbinder de Gonet. According to Jan van der Marck in the introduction,“Innovation is a radical attack on the continuity of thought and action that distinguishes culture and informs tradition. There are two ways in which to detect it: by deduction and induction. The former requires that we search for a break in an evolving stylistic configuration much as we would for a stoppage of leak in a pipeline. The latter proceeds by the intuitive recognition of a sea change, and the ability to pinpoint evidence from clues. At first blush, de Gonet’s ingeniously crafted or industrially produced covers resemble the lid of a roll top box or the dash of a racing car. These unsubtle clues that somebody is playing hard and fast with the bookbinder’s tradition are the unchallengeable evidence of innovation.” Illustrated, 28 pp.