Two Colors / Two Shapes / Two Books, April 4-5

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Saturday-Sunday, April 4 and 5, 10-4pm

Instructor: Barbara Mauriello

In this pochoir-to-book workshop, we'll cut 2 stencils, design a book page using these simple shapes, and paint the pages using no more than 2 colors per page. The challenge is to do as much as possible with as little as possible. We'll bind our editions into double-sided accordion-fold books, with painted handmade paper wrappers. Students will learn how to: draw on and cut mylar, for stencils; design a book page by manipulating simple shapes to form different patterns; paint pages, using gouache paints and stencil brushes; construct an edition of 2 accordion-fold books.

Students should come to class prepared with the following:
Tools: bone folder; scalpel or other cutting tool; cutting mat; scissors; pencil and eraser;
2 containers: one for water and one to hold wet brushes; eye dropper; small ruler
Triangle, circle-cutting template.
The Center will provide stencil brushes to share. If you'd like your own, please buy some (they are often called "Decorator" brushes). A recommended brand is Robert
Simmons, sizes: 3/4", 1". The Center will also provide paints, but in a limited palette. It is also recommended that students bring their own gouache paints.


About the Instructor:

Barbara Mauriello is a book artist. She teaches bookbinding and boxmaking, and collaborates with visual artists and writers in producing limited editions of their work in the book format.

Image courtesy of the instructor.