Master Class with Pénélope Guidoni - February 22-23, Companion Class - February 24

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Instructor: Pénélope Guidoni

Bradel Suede "Edges to Edges"
Saturday and Sunday, February 22 & 23, 11-5pm

This intermediate workshop will introduce students to the case binding structure. Students will make a rounded back book, and will learn about rounding, backing, making leather headband, paring leather for a headcap, practicing a full leather covering, and managing suede end-sheets.

From a sewn blank book, students will be introduced to a fine binding structure.
Students should come to class with the following: Lead pencil, awl, folders (bone and teflon if it is possible), divider, scalpel, small utility blade, small scissors (rounded if possible: i.e. nail scissors), ruler and square, glue brushes (one big/one small), weight (1 or 2).
Companion class is optional.

Companion Class: Sewing and Book Decoration
Monday, February 24, 11-5pm

In this companion class, students will learn different sewing principles, such as the process of choosing threads, saw-binding, using a sewing frame. Students will then learn how to create binding decoration with leather cardboard onlays: cutting, tinting, and preparing leather and pasting onlays. From pieces of leather on cardboard, student will create their own decoration on a covered leather book or on a model.

Students should bring one needle, lead pencil, awl, bone folder, divider, scalpel, small utility blade, ruler and square, a very small metal saw (if possible), one needle for sewing, glue brushes (one big/one small), very small squared painting brushes.
The weekend session is not required to take the companion class, however it is recommended. 

About the Instructor:

Pénélope Guidoni, after graduating with a Bachelor in Economics and a professional experience in the fashion industry,  was introduced to French bookbinding under the instruction of prestigious teachers during 5 years at "Vésinet" school (AAAV, France). She learnt bookbinding techniques, book decoration, gilding and participated to many workshops with Ana Ruiz-Larrea, François Brindeau, Florent Rousseau, Jacky Vignon...... She passed the French official diploma for craftsmanship (CAP, arts de la reliure).

She won several awards in France and the U.K. and was recognized by her peers as not only a Master in traditional and authentic French techniques but also as a genuine artist. Indeed she has experimented with a variety of book structures and explored many ways to decorate bookbinding. More than bound, she offers a book scenography: she crafts as an artistic conversation with the Book. 

In 2011, she moved from her native France  to Central Europe - Budapest, Prague - and in 2018 to Brazil where she shares a bindery place with craftsmen and artists in São Paulo.  She combines, crafting for clients with travelling around the world, participating to exhibitions/competitions and sharing her passion through teaching regular classes and workshops.

This class organized in partnership with OPEN SET 2020, a bookbinding competition now on exhibit at the Grolier Club. Guidoni won the prize of "Highly Commendable – Design"  for her submission.
This class is also presented in partnership with the Guild of Book Workers.
Image courtesy of the instructor.