Letterpress 2, April 18-19

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Saturday & Sunday, April 18-19, 11am-5pm

Instructor: Sarah Nicholls

Following a short review of press operation and printing techniques, students will focus on further refining their printing skills. What methods can one use to combine text and image? How does one improve printing results? How does one complete a project involving multiple parts? This class is designed to support students who have taken a letterpress class and want to work on their own projects in a structured and supportive environment.

About the Instructor: 

Sarah Nicholls is a visual artist who makes pictures with language, books with pictures, prints with type, and animations with words. She combines image, visual narrative, and time in prints, books, and ephemera that are often research-based. She is interested in urbanization, local history, climate change, the history of science and technology, alternative economies, found language, and the history of publishing. Sarah publishes a series of informational pamphlets and has printed a field guide to extinct birds. Her most recent book is an examination of the history of greenhouses. Sarah's limited edition artist books are in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Stanford, UCLA, and the University of Pennsylvania, among others. For twelve years, Sarah ran the studio programs at the Center, organizing classes, public programs, readings, and talks, coordinating publications, running residency programs, and teaching interns.