CMYK Photopolymer, Tuesdays, April 7 through May 5

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Tuesdays, April 7 through May 5, 6-9pm

With Elizabeth Castaldo

CMYK printing, sometimes called four color process, is like magic happening before your eyes. CMYK refers to the four colors used: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, which are printed in layers to create a full color image. With each layer more information is added to the print, more colors appear, and then with the printing of the final layer, voila, you have a full color image!  On the Vandercook we can make prints like this using photopolymer, which has the potential to hold an incredible amount of fine detail.

For Letterpress, this process is considered experimental, but with some prior planning and good registration practices, one can create beautiful full color images that will integrate seamlessly with other letterpress work. In this 5 day workshop students will learn the process of printing full color photographic images on the Vandercook.  We will go through every step from preparing your image files, to strategies for tight registration, color mixing, and, of course, printing. Prior letterpress experience is helpful but not required.

Students should come prepared with the following:

-computer with photoshop and illustrator hooked up to the projector
• polymer plates will need to be ordered immediately following first class
• printmaking papers like French 80lb cover white
• process cyan, process magenta and process yellow inks, black and transparent white ink

About the Instructor:

Elizabeth Castaldo is an artist, printmaker, and bookbinder living and working in Peekskill, NY and New York City. She was a 2017 - 2018 Scholar in Residence at the Center for Book Arts. She has taught courses at Nassau Community College, SCAD Atlanta, the Wallkill River School, and the Center for Book Arts. Castaldo received her MFA from SCAD Atlanta where she was a Dean’s Fellow in Printmaking and her BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Castaldo’s work has been exhibited internationally. Her work has been collected by the Savannah College of Art and Design, Carnegie Melon University, Yale University, and other institutions.

Images courtesy of the instructor.